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Your Go-To Source for Custom Wedding Suits in Richmond, VA

Welcome to the epitome of bespoke elegance—Andre Julius, your premier destination for custom wedding suits in Richmond, VA. Our dedication to crafting refined attire tailored to your unique style is unparalleled.

Discover Unrivaled Craftsmanship at Our Showroom

Step into our showroom at 1309 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219, United States, where dreams come to life. At Andre Julius, we curate an experience that transcends mere shopping. Our showroom is a haven where your vision meets impeccable craftsmanship. Suits find their bespoke soul here.

Personalized Convenience: Home or Office Appointments

Can't make it to the showroom? No worries. We bring the magic to you with our home or office appointment service. Experience the luxury of fittings and consultations wherever you are in Richmond, VA, or nearby areas like Williamsburg, VA.

Elevate Your Wedding Day Style

For discerning brides seeking sophistication, we offer exquisite women's suits tailored to perfection. Grooms, rejoice in our distinguished collection of wedding tuxedos. From classic elegance to avant-garde designs, your special day will exude timeless charm.

Unparalleled Quality: Men's Custom Suits

Attention to detail defines us. Our men's custom suits epitomize refinement, ensuring you stand out with every stitch.

Beyond Expectations

At Andre Julius, excellence knows no bounds. Our commitment to unparalleled quality extends, ensuring every client experiences bespoke opulence.

Elevate your style with Andre Julius—where every stitch tells a story of sophistication and elegance.

Custom Clothing in Richmond, VA

In Richmond in 2023 there was nowhere to get a modern tailor-made suit or great-fitting custom shirts. No – it was just boxy and sloppy clothing that gave this city a bad sartorial reputation. With the city growing population we knew it was time to raise the standard. So we created Andre' Julius which quickly turned into a well-known national brand. Today, our tailors & clothiers offer a wide range of contemporary bespoke suits and bespoke clothing, as well as made-to-order sportswear and made-to-measure blazers and pants.

RICHMOND- 1309 E. Main St, Richmond, VA 23219

Located in the heart of downtown Richmond (Shockoe Slip) Andre' Julius is our second showroom. The front of our showroom faces E. Main St located in between 13th and 14th St. This is where we will continue our reputation designing, styling, and producing the best custom and bespoke clothing in Virginia. We have over 10k fabrics from mills across the world, and we function by Appointment only. 


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