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Jonathan Nelson

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Every few decades we are blessed with voices that  are  both undeniably and instantaneously classic. These artists go on to become cemented in the fabric of our hearts. This generation gave us the incredible talent in none other the critically acclaimed Jonathan Nelson.

A Baltimore, MD native, Jonathan Nelson’s inspiring nearly  twenty-year career has exposed millions across the world to the electrifying sound of urban praise and worship music.   

Jonathan’s musical roots started with a dream and a request. His father, Bishop James D. Nelson Sr, prayed to God to give him a song. God did answer his prayers! He birthed twin sons, Jonathan and Jason Nelson who were his song. Both Jonathan and Jason went on to fulfill the promise of God and both became highly gifted singers and songwriters.  Jonathan’s upbringing surrounded by the sound of music, and the Pentecostal church shaped his complex musical vocabulary and expression from an early age.   

Jonathan is a lover of God, music and his family!  He is the husband to Christina Nelson. They are the proud parents of two beautiful children, J. Andrew and Julianna. Jonathan takes his role as a husband and father very serious. He and his wife pride themselves on being balanced parents to creatively gifted children.  

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