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The Experience. Buying a suit can be difficult and you may not like the suit buying process, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Every detail counts when your garment is made bespoke. It starts with the fabric. We offer exclusive fabrics from Mills across the world. We design every stitch, every button, and every inch based on an analytical body scan of your measurements. Never have to worry about poor quality fabrics, ripped seams, or garment construction.

There is no extra charge for design options such as buttons, monogram, pockets, stitching, and more. Your Suit, Tuxedo, Shirt, Overcoat, Trenchcoat and more are personalized down to the smallest detail. The result is a bespoke garment without the hassle and expense of traveling out of state.

We will travel right to your doorstep. Clothier, Andre' Julius have no issues traveling locally or regionally. Not in Virginia, no worries, we book appointments for clients across the nation as well. Now everybody can experience the transformative power of custom clothing. If you've never worn a custom suit, you've never worn a suit. 

Yours and yours alone. Our suits are made from scratch with the finest materials and trimmings. Each piece is individually cut and constructed using patterns you chose to perfectly fit your form. Experience what it's like to wear Custom-fitted, custom-made, uniquely special — once you go bespoke, you never go back.

Andre' Julius is going to change the way you think of suits! We will guide you in selecting the perfect fabric and customizations. We design every stitch, button, and millimeter of quality fabric based on your measurements. During your appointment we will help you design your suit and garments based off of your body shape, skin tone, personal style, and lifestyle. 


Relax  •  Design  • Get Fitted • Enjoy 

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Your clothier, Andre' Julius will offer you a drink of your choice, take over 30 measurements and help you design your next garment. Andre' will advise you and give you insight on fabrics and customizations tailored to you.

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